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Lois Jones, Town Manager
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Dorene Foss, Deputy Town Clerk
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Fire Department  207-876-3438



Announcements, Reminders and Information

2017 Road Repair:  Trenches, Culverts & Paving

The Sangerville Town Manager and Select Board are pleased to update you on this year’s road work repairs.

For the first time in several years, we were able to implement the entire annual road budget. Paving and culvert repair on the Frenchs Mills should be complete this week.  

Another first for Sangerville (or at least for a very long time), we were able complete a significant amount of ditching and culverts on Silver Mills ahead for next year, thereby giving us an opportunity for spring paving.  This should put us in a much stronger position to negotiate the very best deal for the Town’s 2018 paving.  This new approach is something we hope to replicate in the years to come. 

The Select Board would like to specifically thank the Road Committee because their efforts were instrumental in making this outcome possible.

By working together in a positive way, much can be accomplished!  

If you ever have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of the Select Board Members or the Town Manager.  Thank you.


Maine ROADwaysEverything you’ve wanted to know about Maine roads, but were afraid to ask!    This blogspot is a gathering place for Maine residents and landowners, as well as an information resource, on roads that are discontinued, abandoned, and/or have been designated “public easements”.


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MSAD 4 School Board representing Sangerville; they plan to provide information on the Board’s activities and it will be posted at this tab.

 Mayo Regional Hospital where  Dr. Cabot will provide updates on the facility and its interim agreement with  Eastern Maine Health Care (“EMHC”) to Sangerville residents.

2017 December Update on Mayo Regional Hospital’s Financial and Statistical Data


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