Public Works

The Public Works Director is Peter Drummond who can be reached at 343-1777 or by email at  The Select Board functions as the Board of Road Commissioners and usually meets as part of the regular Select Board meetings twice a month.

Snow plowing responsibilities are divided among Public Works, Maine DOT and by contract with Warren Nuite.  Public Works plows the town center roads.  DOT handles Pleasant Street and Route 23.  East and South Sangerville roads, including the Douty Hill Road, are covered under contract with Warren Nuite.

Road Paving 2016
Ditching along the Silvers Mills Road
Center Pond Boat Ramp
Repairing the Edgerly Boat Landing on Center Pond
Here is what the reconstructed boat landing became with a July 4, 2016 weekend Opening.
Edgerly Boat Ramp