Ordinances & Policies

Ordinances and Policies are the rules and regulations governing specific activities in the Town of Sangerville.  What is the difference between the two?  Ordinances are enacted by a majority vote of the citizens of Sangerville on a warrant article at an annual Town Meeting or a Special Town Meeting. Policies are passed by a majority vote of the Sangerville Board of Selectmen at a regular or special Select Board meeting.  Ordinances and Policies can only be changed through the same process as they are enacted.  The Town has a process whereby Sangerville citizens can petition the voters to enact an ordinance at the next annual Town Meeting.  Other than the different ways in which Ordinances and Policies are enacted, there is no other difference between the two.

The Town’s Policies and Ordinances are listed here in alphabetical order.

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Board of Appeals  Ordinance (Application)

Check Cashing & Returned Checks Policy 

Code of Ethics Policy 

Community Bill of Rights  Ordinance

Competitive Bidding Policy 

Complaint Policy  (Form)

Culvert Policy (Permit attached)

Dog Control  Ordinance

Dog Policy on Recreational Field Policy

Forest Committee Policy 

Freedom of Access Act Policy

Hazard Communication Policy 

Hazardous Tree Complaints Policy 

Holding Tanks Ordinance

Livestock Ordinance

Lot Size Ordinance

Mailboxes Policy 

Open Burning   State Rules & Guidelines (Application)

Personnel Policy, amended 2/18

Planning Board Ordinance

Postings, Flyers and Petitions Policy 

Property Maintenance  Ordinance

Public Indecency  Ordinance

Road Addressing  Ordinance

Road Projects Administration Policy 

Sewer Policy 

Shoreland Zoning  Ordinance

Solid Waste  Ordinance

Subdivision Regulation  Ordinance

Tax Acquired Property Policy 

Town Vehicles Policy 

Traffic Control Ordinance (Draft)

Vehicle Weight Restrictions on Town Roads  Ordinance

Village Cemetery & New Additions Policy 

Winter Roads Policy