Abbie Fowler:  Toby Hall, Pam Smith, Ron Smith, Brent Randall

Appeals:  Bryan Kimball, Chair, Paul Davis, Irving McNaughton, Richard Pellerin, Cynthia Hall and Virginia Wark, Alternate

Budget:  Brydie Armstrong, Matthew Bell, Diana Bowley, Cynthia Hall, Toby Hall, Gerald Jackson, Geri Kazmierczak, Mike Kaxmierczak, George Nuite, Rick Pellerin, Brent Randall, Bill Rowe, Terri Wark

Community Forest:  Cynthia Hall (2015), Rick Pellerin (2014),  John Armstrong (2015), Diane Boretos (2014), and Myles Lemieux, Alternate (2014)

Planning:  Gerald Peters, Chair, Blaine Nuite, Matt Bell, Leigh Wiley, and George Tozier, Ex-officio 

Recreation:   George Nuite, Joseph Reardon, Joseph Riitano, Heather Willey, Joe Chadbourne, and Jason Higgins

Road:  Gerald Jackson, Ron Smith, Brent Randall, and Virginia Wark (Board 9/8/15)  The Road Committee reviews future projects and makes recommendations to the Town Manager on issues of ditching, culverts, trees and roadside maintenance and to the Board on issues of road paving and gravel road maintenance.

Town Hall:  Gerald Peters, Tom Kemp, Brent Randall, and Ron Labonte