Burn Permit Request

This permit is granted in good faith that the fire is carefully watched and control by a sufficient force of adults and adequate equipment. You shall be liable for suppression costs if fire escapes due to negligence or not following listed safety requirements. All open burning shall be in conformity to existing laws and regulations of the Maine Forest Service, Departments of Environmental Protection and local municipal ordinances. No open burning of tire, rubber products, asphalt shingles, wire insulation, paints, solvents or sludge is allowed.

*Special conditions for incinerator approval where there is no municipally funded trash collection: incinerator must be located in the middle of a circle at least ten (10) feet in diameter cleared to mineral soil; maintained with solid sides, except draft holes near bottom not exceeding one inch in diameter; top completely covered with one half inch or smaller wire mesh; and will be loaded in a manner to prevent any escape of materials between wire mesh and container top.