ATV Access Routes

Click on the ATV Access Road Maps below:


The following roads have been approved as ATV Access Roads according to the following rules:

Silver Mills Road from the Sangerville/Dexter town line to Gilman’s corner and then to the end of the South Sangerville Grange Road; Frenchs Mill Road from Route 23 to Gilman’s Corner; Flander’s Hill Road from Route 23 to the East Sangerville Road; East Sangerville Road from the Flander’s Hill Road by Cleaves Farm to the West Road; West Road to the end of the West Road as a town way; Knowlton Mills Road from the East Sangerville Road to the Douty Hill Road; Burrough’s Road from the Knowlton Mills Road to the Dover-Foxcroft/Sangerville town line; McPhetres Road from Pleasant Avenue to the Parkman/Sangerville town line; Brockway Mills Road; McNaughton Hill Road; Townhouse Road to the Silver’s Mills Road; Anderson Road; Silver’s Mills Road; and the Goff Road.  

 ATV Access Routes on town ways are open from April 15 to December 1 and only between 7 a.m. and dusk.  ATV’s on town approved ATV Access Routes must observe the posted speed limits and the ATV Access Routes are not open until and unless the routes are properly signed according to Maine DOT rules and approved by the Town Manager.  ATV’s must also have a current registration sticker.

Enforcement of ATV laws is the primary responsibility of the Maine Warden Service.  If you encounter ATV’s that are unregistered, speeding or operating outside the prescribed hours or on roads not authorized for ATV traffic, contact the Maine Warden Service by calling the Maine State Police at 207-973-3700.  Try to get the registration number, note the color and type of ATV (single, two-up or side-by-side), description of the driver/passenger, etc.